More adventures - Injuries and Blue Apron

The challenge this month was not necessarily the #fijchallenge but mobility.
Blue Apron rocked it but I overcooked the plantain.
I have had an uncomfortable feeling in my left knee since April.  I thought no biggie, but needed to go to the doctor. "They" said it was a sprain.  So I ended up on crutches after a mind altering pain experience.  The MRI shows "Severe" cartilage damage amongst other things.  Result, a reduction in productivity.  I will shrub-ing a bit and quick pickling a bit while figuring out my next challenge: Low Temperature Pasteurization.
Jam and bread - a staple for a few days.
Okay, I added goat cheese to make it hardier. 
Meanwhile, eating good food for healing is a challenge.  I had a friend stay with me for a bit which was helpful.  Fortunately they were there for the worse of it.  But then figuring out how to fend for myself considering I live on the second story, stairs only access.  A definite challenge for bringing home the bacon.
Seared Steak with hash.  The cucumber sauce is a keeper! 
Enter Blue Apron.  I don't get it every week because it's not practical for me at this point for me and Draco the Wonder Cat. I happen to have a delivery scheduled and it was WONDERFUL! I ended up with 6 delicious and wholesome meals, minimal work, delivered to my door NO STAIRS!!!!
Blue Apron meals
I had never considered adding squash to my hash before. 
Earlier this year a friend sent me an invite for Blue Apron meals (#BlueApron). I enjoy the size of the meals, the ingredients, the easy to read instructions. The customer service  is excellent as well.  Once I had one week where 2 out of 3 meals was messed up on some of the ingredients.  They made me happy again.  Enough said.

Picture of some of the (wrong) ingredients and
recipe card. They even provide nutritional content! 
Blue Apron's packaging is pretty genius, reusable and or recyclable. They even give you an option to return the packaging to Blue Apron.  It's all on the website. What I really appreciated about getting Blue Apron is that it meets my dietary needs, I can customize the meals, and I have the resources at hand to duplicate it again.  They teach portion size and measuring for the size of the meal you ordered.  Leftovers are actual meal size, and perfect for lunches.

Though it's not canning I did add quick pickles (red onions) and had some shrubs.  Overall, an adventure with food and I was grateful.