Another day, another shrub

I am having a love affair with shrubs, so to speak. Because of this love I am looking for new flavor recipes.  There is a huge variety of flavor profiles that can be made from fruit on the tail end of fresh.

Making mix berry shrub with
Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar
What is a shrub?  A drinking shrub (not the plant) is a vinegar, sugar, fruit syrup.

One of my frustrations is that in life I do not have enough time as ambition to the joy of food preservation and making tasty tidbits.  Also, as I have mentioned before, I am a compulsive produce purchaser.  The better the produce the large the compulsion. It's all just so pretty! Shrub making helps me to use the fruit produce, make tasty healthy drinks, and meets my desire to be creative.

Strawberries - must use! 
Another great thing about shrubs is that they allow me what ever is in season locally.  So if you are interested in eating locally, here is another way to indulge that desire. Mind you there are two general process: hot and cold.  If you want to make a product that will be shelf stable after processing then use the hot process.  I have not tried this due to the heat of my tiny apartment.

Cherries are so pretty! 
I'm going off of a basic cold process recipe:

Items needed:
1 large mason jar (1 quart minimum)
2 cups fruit
1 cup sugar
muddle and wait for sugar to absorb
1 cup vinegar
add'l spice or herb if desired
cover and fridge
stir daily for 4 - 6 days

Keep in a closed container
mix with water, bubbly, or what ever you wish!  Tasty!