May 2017: #fijchallenge Cold Packed

May's challenge is going back to the roots of canning that I know, "Cold Pack".  I knew that I knew this, but had to confirm with the Food In Jars blog that I am following for this challenge. (Yes, my grammar can use much improvement, however, this is the way talk.) I was excited to use my new Stainless Small Stockpot since I was making more than one or two jars!

Cold Pack Canning according to most of what I have read is essentially what it sounds like: put the goodies in jar while cool, and place them in the water bath or pressure cooker after you submerged them in brine, syrup, or goop of choice, and close.

I was looking for beans because dilly beans are fantastic.  Instead I went with Pickled Asparagus. However, I also conferred with several other authors (about 10) and came up with spicy pickled asparagus.  I use shallots, red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, and North Coast Apple Cider Vinegar (my current favorite).  All I know is that it smelled yummy and I can't wait to taste it after it ages a bit for flavor.
Since I had some fresh boysenberries and blueberries that are in season I also made a few jars of raw cold packed berries with light syrup, using the links from Food in jars for guidance and recipes.  Sum total for the month't project is 2 half pints of blueberries, 2 pints mixed berries, and 3 one and half pints of pickled asparagus.

Now it's time for bed!