June 2017 #fijchallenge Jam

The fruits of Summer
I choose so many berries
Perfect in jam

This month's challenge is jam.  Yes, I love sugar. Yes, I love to can. Yes, I love to be creative. And yet, I am not a fan of jam.  I like it more than jelly, but since normally you need bread for jam, at lest how I grew up, And I try not to eat bread.  Jam is low on my list of canning adventures.

Blueberries and cherries with sugar and spice.  It will be jam soon. 
Living in the Central Coast of California berries of sorts abound, even blueberries.  I prefer to eat my berries whole, or in shrubs.  This year the berries have been plentiful due to the rains, but not as pretty as normal.  Not sure why.  So, I have berries galore to choose from.  Stone fruits, except for cherries, are not my normal fruit.  It's all about the berries.

Spiced Blueberry and cherry jam. It looks lovely on toast. 
My first jam I made this month (busy month, not as many projects as normal) I chose a Blueberry Cherry Spiced Jam. I love the colors of this jam, dark and rich with flavor.  I added some extra spices to the recipe and it's nice and spicy and a beautiful color.  

Bits of strawberry with sugar. In a few days it will be jam. 
The next jam I made is a strawberry jam.  Of all the places I picked up the strawberries was my local library.  I love my library, but that will be a different post.  I was looking at making a macerated jam instead of a heavy boil jam.  It was a 3 day tasty process.

Jam on toast.  Very tasty.  I had thought it a little runny, but tasty.  My co-workers like the variable of texture and flavor.  Next time I will use a potato masher to make the bits smaller. 

My coworker: Christy Carson, letting me take her picture.  It was worth it in her book!